Selena Gomez's Style Is On Point In Italy

Selena Gomez has been in Italy for a few days for the Ischia Global Festival and her style has been crazy good. I don't know…
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 21, 2014

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Designed Their Friend's Wedding Dress, And It's Awesome

I'm pretty sure that in all of our heads, we are secret best friends with Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen and they are fabulous and…
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 18, 2014
Runway vs. Red Carpet: Emma Stone In Dolce Gabbanapic

Runway vs. Red Carpet: Emma Stone In Dolce & Gabbana

I'm going to go ahead and just declare the winner right here. Emma Stone has somehow taken a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress and made…
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 18, 2014
Would You Rock: Shower Sandalspic

Would You Rock: Shower Sandals

When Miley Cyrus first started channeling the 90s in a big way, I knew it was just a matter of time before even the seemingly…

Get Demi Lovato's New Sexy, Sporty Look For Less

Demi Lovato has released her cover art for Really Don't Care and she looks awesome and frankly, pretty badass. The look is very athletic but…
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 15, 2014

Get Vanessa Hudgens' White Hot Summer Bag For Less

Vanessa Hudgens is taking advantage of the summer months by rocking a white bag as her everyday purse. Her tote, by Oroton is sold out…

Rumer Willis Gets Edgy Blonde Undercut

Rumer Willis' keeps going bolder with her hair choices. This time, she went super blonde with sharp edges. And, as photographer Tyler Shields showed on…
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 14, 2014

This Picture Of Jared Leto Hugging Everything Is All We Need, Ever

Part of me wants to know, Why Jared Leto? But then the smarter part of me just wants to enjoy the most amazing picture ever.

The Best Looks & Biggest Trends From Couture Week Fall 2014

It's Couture Week Fall 2014 in Paris right now, and the most prominent and masteful designers are showing their works of art on the runway…
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 09, 2014

You Won't Believe How Great Kristen Stewart Looks With New Short Haircut

Kristen Stewart is the latest starlet to chop off her hair. While the move is nothing that we haven't seen before, Kristen may pull off…

Lovely Locks: Heart Shaped Hairstyles

Summer love is one of the best things to happen during the warm weather months. Regardless if you meet your summer make-out buddy at camp…
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jul 04, 2014

VOTE: Is It Okay To Wear A Beanie In The Summer?

Summer beanies are the ultimate "fashion over function" item. You obviously do not need to warm your head in the scalding heat. A sunhat, sure!…
Would You Rock: A Soup Can Crop Top?pic

Would You Rock: A Soup Can Crop Top?

Andy Warhol taught us that anything in life can be made into art. But, can the same thing be done for fashion? Forever 21 seems…

Terry Richardson Catches Miley Cyrus On Camera With Cutest Model Ever

Miley Cyrus posed for Terry Richardson again, but this time, she is fully clothed and there is not a phallic object in sight. The pictures…
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jun 30, 2014

Would You Rock A Sweater & Shorts To Your Wedding Like Olivia Palermo?

Here at Buzznet, we love an alternative wedding dress. So imagine our joy when we saw fashionista Olivia Palermo's bridal look. The style icon wed…